It’s been a while

And a lot has happened. Two major things in fact: 1) We has to say goodbye to our little guy Henry. Henry was an old man when he came into our lives seven years ago, and as awful as the decision-making was, we feel it was best for his comfort. His snores, stumbles and farts … Continue reading It’s been a while


Notes from a massage classroom: Part something

On Gobias Industries: We were doing shoulder testing in class, one student said her neck hurt whenever she moved her shoulder into extension.  I palpated and found a few trigger points, and asked her if it hurt, and she said yes. "What type of pain?" "Like a bee," she said. "Like a bee?  Like you're … Continue reading Notes from a massage classroom: Part something

Notes from a massage classroom: Part 3

On parents: In one of our groups there is a mother/daughter duo going through the program together.  They sit together, they mostly get along, but I get the feeling the daughter is actually the more responsible one.  On a recent palpation test the two happened to be paired together, and as the mother struggled to … Continue reading Notes from a massage classroom: Part 3

Notes from a massage classroom (part deux)

On the farm: I told a student that she was a walking country song today.  We were discussing the different types of burns, and she said: "I got a second degree on my shoulder once.  I was at a wedding, wearing a bridesmaid's dress, and we were roasting a hog, but it caught on fire … Continue reading Notes from a massage classroom (part deux)

Flicks and Flakes

Brunch of champions. Once a month our local movie theatre, the Logan, sets aside their lounge area for something called Flicks and Flakes.  It's just like it sounds, we eat cereal (provided by the Logan) drink drinks (provided by the Logan for a price) and watch short movies revolving around some sort of theme.  In … Continue reading Flicks and Flakes

C2E2 2017

We won free tickets to C2E2 (Chicago Comic-book and Entertainment Expo) this year.  I think we've gone pretty much every year since it's inception, and that was just after we had our first taste of glorious nerddom at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.  We've been addicted ever since.  The celebrities, the panels, the costumes, … Continue reading C2E2 2017

3 Truths and a Lie/ 3 Lies and a Truth

I joined a writing group at the Harold Washington Library just to keep my head in the game.  I have a bad habit of finishing something (a story, a novel, a play) and then just moving on.  I'm trying to keep focus here.  So our first assignment is to, as the title says, write a … Continue reading 3 Truths and a Lie/ 3 Lies and a Truth